Don’t Be Scared! Momerology Helps You Weather Halloween!

I remember the days I would challenge my mom’s ingenuity/patience/love for me…often it was a few days before Halloween. Why did I do that to her? “No, mom. No more Cinderella. I want to be a nurse.” “No mom. Let’s not do Cleopatra. How about Charlie Chaplin?”

Goodness knows I’ve gone through at least 3 costume ideas for each of my 3 boys. Doing the math, it’s panic cubed! Perhaps this blog entry can help alleviate some of YOUR Halloween horror by giving some GREAT, LAST-MINUTE costume suggestions, all DIY, all simple, and many weather-related (of course!).

As we love to do, we reached out to our mom bloggers for guidance. was kind enough to join AMHQ with some awesome ideas. Check out Meg Nester:
DIY and Looking Cool For Halloween

Don’t think I haven’t taken some notes for next year for MYSELF! 🙂

Here’s’s blog about costumes:
RocketCityMom’s Halloween Costume Ideas

*Full disclosure: I don’t consider myself terribly good at being a DIY costume maker. At all. BUT, I have, in the past, used recycling to my advantage:
Two of my boys were born in the same season, so recycling the costumes really worked!

Hope you have a great Halloween!


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