The Nature of Art… Or Is It the Art of Nature?

Using a large tree branch as a sort of art gallery wasn’t my idea. It was my mother in-laws. I wish it was my idea. Scratch that: I wish it was MY playroom! I love her idea of bringing nature inside as a source of inspiration my boys see every single day.

In fact, using nature as art inspiration is not a new idea, but could certainly inspire more of them, and, of course, new works of art!

We highlighted some great blogs on AMHQ that could help you get your kids not only excited about art projects, but in touch with nature. Trust me: it won’t take much to make the connection:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.15.31 AMNature Fun with Kids: Preschool and Kindergarten Community

Several of you linked up some neat nature learning ideas last week — and I wanted to make sure they were seen!

Thanks to for putting so many great ideas from some fantastic blogs in one spot. Such wonderful, simple, fun ideas to do with your kids. I can’t wait to add to my repertoire!

In addition to the tree branch as art display (and I think the branch, itself, is a whimsical piece of art, don’t you?), our playroom is chock full of this theme of using nature for artwork. Have you thought about collecting rocks? I know it sounds like a rough idea, but my boys, my oldest, in particular, is fascinated with stones and rocks. We have built up quite a selection from various places. Small ones, of course, but all really unique and beautiful. I don’t mind them as a collection in a bin (photo), or at the ready to be painted on a rainy day. Why not, right? ☺

Mother Nature’s palette is the best!

We’re always looking for great ideas from great mom bloggers (and dad bloggers, too!). Don’t hesitate to comment here or, better yet, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.


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