Momerology Is Weather Ready: National Preparedness Month

As parents, you find out rather quickly it is never enough to just prepare yourself for the day. It’s you, your kids, and sometimes even your partner! When it comes to being prepared for disasters, it is the same: it’s up TO YOU to get it done! You don’t have the luxury of someone else taking care of your most precious possession…your family.

The great news is there are SO many available resources to tap. As part of September’s “National Preparedness Month,” I’d like to share a few with you. I won’t overwhelm you, but rather offer 3 great starting points for you and your family!

Connect With Weather

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.18.00 PMI don’t think there’s an easier way to get a plan going than “Connect With Weather.” Together with our partners, like The Red Cross, The Weather Channel has made “Know the Weather, Make a Plan” not only a tag line, but a battle cry for your family! Click the “Create Your Plan” tab. At the end of a series of questions, boom! You have yourself a preparedness plan customized for YOUR family.

Visit and prepare a family emergency plan to help keep your family safe during any weather. Be sure to check out the “Games & Activities” tab (like what’s on the right) for some printouts that will get your children involved!

Family Plan for Severe Weather

Nothing is more frightening that quickly-changing weather, disasters that can happen without much warning, like tornadoes. However, you can still know exactly what to do. I showed The Weather Channel what my family does when we need to take action.

NOTE: My kids are involved in the conversation. This is crucial. Let your kids in on the plan, too. Who’s to say they won’t be at a friend’s house when something like a tornado warning happens. Would they know what to do anyway, without you there? The answer to this question needs to be YES!

In this segment at home with Maria LaRosa, we take a look at her family’s severe weather plan. And give you some tips on how to prepare.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.20.55 PM Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

Want to be “Weather Ready?” Then know the weather! No-brainer here. is the source you want to go to, of course. I’d like to highlight our weather ready section. It is chock full of information, including what to do after a disaster happens.

Make sure your family and home are ready in case severe weather strikes. Get expert advice and safety tips from The Weather Channel’s website.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.24.17 PMAll of these resources are a good start. Keep in mind the thread that runs throughout: your kids. My oldest son came home one day after doing a fire drill at school and wanted to do one here at our house. He led it (sounded the ‘alarm’), and helped pick out our meeting spot (by our mailbox). Having them actively involved in thinking about, making, and executing a plan can only mean good things if they are faced with natural disasters. Let’s be ready…for anything!

On the right: Michael helps me check batteries in some of our flashlights.

Check out my previous post, on AMHQ’s “Survival Week.” I got to chat with Lisa Bedford of She, too, is a great resource!

We’re always looking for great ideas from great mom bloggers (and dad bloggers, too!). Don’t hesitate to comment here or, better yet, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook:


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