Fall Break: Time to Teach the Kids How to Make Me Coffee!

Yes, it seems odd, but my boys have Fall Break this week. It’s still summer (they started the first week of August). I managed to have this whole week off with them, which is great! Getting guaranteed time-off during part of the hurricane season is a challenge at The Weather Channel, so I made no expensive, non-refundable vacation plans with the family. Hence, this morning officially kicked off our “StayCation.”

The first thought that ran through my head as I heard the boys get up at 6:00 am—I mean why would they sleep in???—was, “I should really teach them to work the coffee maker. That would be AWESOME right now.” Then I’ll be honest, a little panic set in: what was I going to do with them today? I had a few loose plans, but all of them start tomorrow. I really hadn’t given Monday enough thought! COFFEE: STAT! Mama needs the brain to work PRONTO!

As I’m making myself coffee >sigh< I started making mental To-Do lists. Then I heard lots of giggling, some loud thumping, and louder thumping. I went upstairs and was amazed at what I saw: a pretty darn awesome fort being constructed!

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.51.14 PMYes, I bit my tongue for a minute when I saw pins stuck in the wall, but also didn’t mind really after I saw the sheets covered up the now-fixed-but-not-really-fixed hole in the wall (bottom right of the photo). That was a foot through the wall, in case you were wondering.

Then, later in the morning, after I had a nice, peaceful, almost uninterrupted shower (only ONE little knock at the door from my youngest asking what I was doing…it was amazing!), I came across this magnificent sight:

My husband and my oldest son fixing our busted garbage disposal…together. Notice my eldest still in his pajamas, but SO into what his dad was telling him, like he was in training. I loved this moment for so many reasons.

And these munchkins off to the side “fixing” our pantry. Note Tyler’s headlamp. Are you kidding me? I’m dying from too much cuteness. I didn’t care (a ton) that Justin was clearing the whole shelf out to “find the source of the problem.” And to hear the conversation…hilarious. They were so serious about the task at hand. I felt like I needed to pay them a $100/hr rate like any plumber/Mr. FixIt charges!

The moral of the story: I really LOVE “Let’s Get Stuff Done But Really Do Nothing Together” days! It’s only lunchtime and we’ve built a fort, fixed the garbage disposal, reconstructed the pantry, and wrote a blog post! OK, time to finish my coffee and then maybe watch “Star Wars?” May the Force Be With You…and ME this week!


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