Not Your Mom & Dad’s Back-to-School Gadgets!

The biggest technological leap forward I can remember for back to school must-haves was a cool lunchbox (left) and, of course, the Trapper Keeper. I won’t knock the low-tech beauty of the TK. But you have to admit, these days, kids have ‘Back to School’ gear raised to whole other level! It’s not just stuff for the nerdy few. It’s on the classroom shopping lists as just the basics! Please…I’m still trying to get over the use of electronic boards in lieu of chalkboards! #MomsNotWithIt

To make sure you and I are hip parents, we brought in the wonderful Jennifer Jolly. She had some really cool weather-centric gadgets kids would love to have in their backpacks this year. Can we talk about the adorable kid’s weather station?? LOVE!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.05.33 PM




Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.04.18 PM

We didn’t get to it on the show, but let’s have a moment with this Burnt Impressions toaster, shall we? Jennifer was kind enough to have this one made for me. The ultimate #selfie! Hilarious! But think of it for your kid’s breakfast or their lunches. I’m pretty sure it would be a HUGE hit with the cafeteria crowd! My kids were cracking up at mommy’s face toasted on bread, but you could put anything on there. Your child’s favorite sport/hobby, animal, math equation?? Soooo much fun!

Any kid-friendly tech items you’ve discovered and would like to share? Hit me up on Twitter @twcmarialarosa or on Facebook.

*Jennifer Jolly is creator and host of TechNow for USA Today and Tech’s Appeal — the Girlfriend’s Guide to Gadgets. You can follow her at @JenniferJolly on Twitter.


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