No Surprise: I’m Part of the “Momarazzi”

I like taking photos, especially of my kids and the weather (of course!). But I’m guilty not so much of ‘taking’ pics, but rather ‘stalking’ photo ops.

I sit and wait for them (yes, sometimes I’m actually sitting…and waiting…) for the moment they forget I’m there, just so I can capture “THE” moment (like the above…priceless).

Or I lay down on the floor, taking a million pics of rain droplets just so I get the right splash (I had just gotten my new fancy camera, a Canon, and was going nuts taking drop shots—no joke—for about 30 minutes straight!).

“Momarazzi” is a term that suits me perfectly! I love it! It’s my time just as much as it’s me trying to capture a moment in time. I stalk the life around me.

Here are a few pics that combined 2 of my loves: my kids and the weather:

I got to talk to Ilana Wiles of She has QUITE the shot of kids and weather:

Watch how it happened as she recounts the moment on AMHQ:

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.29.18 PM


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