Momerology: An Imperfect Science

A career in TV: NOT in my forecast!

Pretty much the only thing I’ve known I wanted for sure in life is that I wanted to get married and be a mom. Everything else has been the end result of a long, sometimes painful, journey, the other side to an “equal sign” after a string of ‘pluses and ‘minuses.’ Very few things have come into my life via straight line, an easy ‘yes,’ or a simple ‘here you go.’

I can definitely say that about a career in broadcasting. Usually when you do something that makes you uncomfortable, nervous, unhappy, you stop doing it, right? I didn’t. That is how I would describe to you the start of my TV career. It was a rough first few years! I had always been painfully shy, social but definitely introverted, and not exactly what you would call a “TV type.” “Wallflower” suited me better. Hence, a life on camera was NOT in my personal forecast.

Everyone has ‘those’ moments, yes? A turning point, a fork, what have you. Here’s one of my first: my junior year in high school. An English teacher was going around asking everyone what they thought they wanted to be when they grew up. When it was my turn, I said, “A teacher.” Well, I might as well have had lobsters coming out of my ears because she shot me the most incredulous look. “Oh, okaaaaay,” she said. I have to tell you it cut me down. I was sincerely hurt and embarrassed. Why didn’t she think I’d be good? Was I NOT good?? Of course, I understand now why she reacted that way. I was quiet, shy, didn’t volunteer to say much out loud, hated getting up in front of the classroom……all things necessary to be a teacher! I get it. But back then, the truth hurt. Then it turned into this sort of anger. I was mad! How dare she essentially tell me I couldn’t do something I thought I wanted to do. However, I have to sort of thank her because it got me questioning everything I thought I was and, more importantly, what I wanted to be. It was a good, harsh (but not too harsh), life lesson that got me on a path to what I’m doing today.

Even still, TV was a happy accident for me. I stumbled into it and really didn’t like it, to be honest. It didn’t feel like a natural fit for me. It was work for me. I had to work to be outgoing, I had to work to not be shy. It was tough. I spent a lot of time plotting what the heck I was going to do once I got out of TV. But also during that time, I learned A LOT, failed a lot, succeeded a lot, and had some fun. I just had to catch up with myself. The younger me wasn’t ready for what the older me was going to love to do. Don’t you wish you could go back to your younger self and say, “Just chill! It’s a process and it’s not always fun and neat and comfortable!” I know the growing pains I’ve had in my career have made me a better mom, too. I can always tell my kids with 100% certainty (like a great forecast!) that even your struggles, big and small, will pay off. Just hang in there, get out of your own way, and enjoy the ride!


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